We are Tonic Collective.

Tonic Collective has established itself as one of the most effective, dynamic, and comprehensive PR and marketing consultancy agencies in the luxury and automotive sector. Consulting for a host of international clients, from new brand start-ups to established multi-billion corporations, the Collective provides unrivalled media relations, strategy, social media to achieve and exceed business and brand objectives. 

The Collective is made up of a select group of director-level consultants with enviable book of contacts, impressive real-world experience, and a specialty in PR that director Paul Garlick spearheads. 

With a wealth of automotive industry experience spanning over 30 years, Paul has led brands such as Max Power, PistonHeads and Classic Driver, and has honed his skills as a brand and PR consultant over the last decade.

Working with several leading automotive brands, Paul is as much a strategist as he is a PR, allowing him to guide clients on a wide range of challenges to deliver time and time again.

To hear more about the work we do at Tonic-Collective, get in touch via hello@tonic-collective.com.

Within the Tonic Collective family, we have two bold brands we can call on for additional heads, and hands when needed, providing continuity, consistency, and value. With specialties in automotive and luxury end to end marketing services via Tonic&Co, and place-shaping and communications prowess in the property sector from Look Lively.

Meet our agencies.

A refreshingly different marketing agency. Collaborating with world-shaping brand we  inspire connections, craft experiences, and drive meaningful impact and results for our clients and their brands.

We’re the placemakers, mood elevators, well-being caretakers, and culture animators. We infuse spaces with vitality, fostering a sense of belonging through vibrant events and compelling communications.

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